"As Above, So Below" was the cornerstone of both Druidic and Hermetic belief. Put simply it meant actions to any level of reality (physical, emotional, or mental) also happened on every other level. The Elemental Collection was inspired with that philosophy in mind. Using the 5 essential spiritual elements and their symbols, each element has its own unique meaning.
Air represents Life
Aether represents Spirit
Water represents Emotion
Earth represents Physical
Fire represents Energy

Reflecting inwards to bring light, love and peace to one's self can positively affect our world and those within it. These candles have been carefully crafted using only select Essential Oils and Organic Soya & Coconut wax to ensure a truly pure experience.  
Candles in this collection have self-trimming wicks making it hassle free for your added enjoyment. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time.
Please do not use these candles for massage or any skin treatment, as oils used in these candles have not been blended with carrier oils, which is essential for topical use.