Exclusive Seasons™ Massage Candles

Candles for every season!

Massage candles are an innovative and sumptuous way to nourish, moisturise and protect your skin using enriching organic butters and pure essential oil.  A uniquely sensual experience which fuses both traditional candle use and skin care. Our candles are suitable for external use, while essential oils are mixed with cold- pressed carrier oils, making it safe for use on your skin. Coconut & soyabean wax blends burn at much lower temperature than traditional wax, so will never burn your skin. 

Treat your senses to a soothing and sensual experience with our Limited Edition Body Oil Massage Candles. As the seasons change, so will our range.

Summer Blends
Autumn Blends

How to use your Massage Candle

Simply light your candle, let it burn for about 45 minutes until a melt pool has formed to the sides of the jar, extinguish your flame safely, pour and enjoy warmly scented oils anywhere on your body. Residual oil can be easily wiped away from the jar lip and sides when cold. Ensure to keep the wick trimmed if necessary before each use.

Using massage candles take on an added aesthetic dimension that makes even the simplest of beauty or relaxation routines feel like a luxurious spa sensation. 


To ensure your safety please do not use our Body Oil Massage Candle Range on your skin if you have a nut allergy, skin disorder or skin sensitivity. Perform a 24 hour skin patch test if you are unsure. You can still enjoy our other products by browsing our other collections.