Harvest Moon Candle

Harvest Moon Candle

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Unleash your primal essence during the Autumnal Equinox with spiritual Blue Lotus, healing Ginger and energizing Jasmine essential oils. Fall in Love this season and breathe easy with our own Coconut & Soyabean natural wax blend.

Blue Lotus is a natural and very potent aphrodisiac, known to dispel negative emotions and widely used to help achieve a higher sense of self especially during relaxation techniques. Floral yet mildly sweet, this unique scent is alluring and enticing to all sexes.

Ginger has quite a distinct spicy and warm aroma. When inhaled, this oil affects the psyche deeply bringing strength and balance to some of the deepest sources of our energy. This beautiful oil instils a sense of empowerment bringing about beneficial psychological healing.

Jasmine's deep floral notes with its rich sweet tones are immediately noticeable. This aromatic wood helps to clear the mind, promotes joy and has effective anti-microbial properties, making it a wonderful oil for burning daily. Sexually energizing and stimulating, this oil is a favourite!

Our Jasmine oil is sourced from sustainable Royal Jasmine.

Please do not ingest or apply topically as these oils can irritate and damage the skin.

 Part of the Gold Collection.

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