Summer Blend No. 1 Body Oil Massage Candle

Summer Blend No. 1 Body Oil Massage Candle

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Summer lovin' and fun is here! Keep that special glow in rain or sun and give your skin a welcomed lift with our nourishing organic Mango Seed and Shea butter infused massage candle. Enjoy a candle and skincare product in one!

Spending more days soaking up Vitamin D will help boost the immune system but can cause your skin to dry and peel. Enjoy rich floral aromas of Rose Oil while it calms, soothes, cleans and balances. Blended with subtle spicy and deep earthy tones of Vetiver; which is an excellent healing moisturiser, this candle has very unique grounding and aphrodisiac properties.

Boost yourself or someone special this Summer!

Read about the enhanced benefits of Rose Oil and Vetiver using our Essential Oils Guide.

Part of our Exclusive Seasons Range™.

Available only during Summer.

Please read our How to Use guide before purchase.