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Winter Blend No. 1 Body Oil Massage Candle

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Treat yourself to a luxuriously indulgent experience with our Limited Edition Winter blend of Frankincense and Patchouli, mixed with moisturising organic butters including Shea and Cocoa butter, infused with our Coconut & Soya wax blend.

Cold winter evenings and nights invoke a sense of relaxation and comforting warmth. While beautiful, wintry weather can dehydrate and stress your skin when exposed to the elements. Give your skin a lift and lose yourself in heady warm and spicy tones while soothing your body with melted oils and butters. Or just simply light the candle to fill any space with its musky citrus aromas.

Make it a perfect gift for the season!

Read about the enhanced benefits of Patchouli and Frankincense using our Essential Oils Guide.

Part of our Exclusive Seasons™ Range. Next Availability Winter 2021.

Please read our How to Use guide before purchase.