Yuletide Candle

Yuletide Candle

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Our coconut wax candle infused with blended Peppermint, Orange and Cinnamon essential oils is both warm and festive. Reminiscent of baked confectionaries, delicate hints of fruity citrus, spicy peppermint and enticing cinnamon will fill your room with it's delicious scent. 

Peppermint is excellent for clearing the respiratory tract and stimulating circulation.

Orange is a powerful anti-microbial and kills airborne bacteria.

Cinnamon strengthens immunity and reduces feelings of exhaustion.

Sustainable and ethical, this candle is a wonderful addition to any home this season especially when hosting friends and family. Keep your air fresh, clean and synthetic free with our naturally pure scented Yuletide Candle.


Please do not ingest or apply topically as these oils can irritate and damage the skin.

 Part of the Gold Collection.

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