Autumn Blend No. 1 Body Oil Massage Candle

Autumn Blend No. 1 Body Oil Massage Candle

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"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."  - Stanley Horowitz.

Autumn brings forth imagery of fruitful harvests, foliage at its peak beauty, longer evenings and warmer drinks. This shift in weather can overburden your skin and affect its moisture balance and elasticity.

Deeply hydrate and heal your skin with essential oils, mixed with raw organic Shea and Almond butter infused into our Soya wax massage candle. 

Chamomile helps to calm your senses with its sweet slightly bitter notes and intensely crisp floral tones. When applied to the skin it becomes a powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces signs of aging and prevents infection. Fall in love with Ylang-Ylang's richly warming floral aroma which helps enhance libido with its subtle musky spicy notes. A potent pain-reliever, it also reduces anxiety, raises mood and aids skin regeneration.

Read about the enhanced benefits of Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang using our Essential Oils Guide.

Part of our Exclusive Seasons™ Range.

Please read our How to Use guide before purchase.

Available next Autumn 2024!