Marked by seasonal events, I was inspired by ancient-held beliefs in liquid gold's powerful healing and magical effect on the spirit. The collection celebrates this precious finite metal with special limited edition scents, blended into sustainable natural wax. Revered as sacred and sought after, gold's unique symbolism and rarity is echoed by the limited availability of these products.

Litha - Celebrating the Summer Solstice, it was named after the pagan word for Midsummer. Inspired by traditions old, people adorned themselves with wreaths and garlands of herbs & flowers to ward off foreboding spirits which culminated in a fire festival. They worshipped the Oak King who regained full power from the sun, marking the longest day of the calendar.

Aestival - Named and symbolised by the archaic symbolic meanings for Summer and Au (Gold), this candle repels insects and bugs naturally and safely, so you can fully enjoy a quality outdoor experience. 

Harvest Moon - Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox, this candle embodies a time of abundance, gratitude and unleashing your primal spirit. The equinox offers a unique opportunity for holistic artform expression, bringing energy into balance echoing the alignment of the sun and moon. Available until the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.

Yuletide - The ancient festival of Yule is the culmination of 12 days of festivities marking the Winter Solstice. Celebrated during the Feast of the Winter Solstice, this season was known as Yuletide. It signalled the end of darkness and return of the life-giving sunlight. Available until the Summer Solstice.

Please do not use these candles on your skin. Keep wicks trimmed before each use. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.